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Please create a Nevis LLC under the provisions of the Nevis Limited Liability Ordinance of 1995.

i) Here in order of preference are our two choices for our LLC and Trust,
(The suffix must include limited liability company, LLC, L.C. or similar designation)

1. LLC            Trust

2. LLC            Trust

ii) We instruct you to use the Nevis Standard form of Articles of Organisation which
specify that the limited liability company will be managed by 1)
Managers exclusive of the members   or
members in their capacity as Members .

We do not wish the company to have limited duration .
The latest date on which the LLC is to be dissolved is ............. day of 2003.

iii) We understand there may be additional charges if the following are required:
The opening of a bank account for the LLC at a local Bank.
Creating a business presence by establishing a local mailing address and access to a business telephone.
Retaining a local professional for accounting and administration services.

iv) The local Registered Agent and Registered Offices.


Executed this day of 2002.


Telephone No:
Facsimile No:

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