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Special Features Of Nevis Limited Liability Companies

  • No corporate tax, income tax, withholding tax, stamp tax, asset tax, exchange controls or other fees or taxes are levied inNevis on assets or income originating outside of Nevis.

  • Members of Limited Liability Companies may be individuals or business entities of any nationality or domicile.

  • No annual or other reports by members are required to be filed in the public records of Nevis.

  • The company's records may be located anywhere in the world.

  • Limited Liability Companies may amend their Articles of Organization, merge or consolidate with other domestic or foreign Limited Liability Companies or other business entities.

  • Foreign Limited Liability Companies or other business entities may transfer domicile to Nevis.

  • Limited Liability Companies have limited life.

  • Members of Limited Liability Companies may assign their interests to other parties unless restricted otherwise.

  • Sole member Limited Liability Companies are permitted.

  • Management of Limited Liability Companies may be accomplished by the members or by managers designated by the members.

  • Members are not liable for obligations of the company.

  • Low organization and annual renewal fees.

The Nevis Limited Liability Ordinance has made Nevis the Offshore domicile of choice for advisers who make use of Limited Liability Companies.

Advantages of using a Nevis Limited Liability Company includes:

  • None of the owners are exposed to personal liability.

  • There is no requirement to disclose.

  • The owners can participate in management without becoming personally liable for the company's debts.

  • Flexibility of ownership and Management Structure.

  • Limited Liability Companies provide a mechanism by which managers can limit the authority of non-managing members.

  • Recognitionof Single Member LLC's.

  • Limited Liability Companies have no limitation on the number of members.

  • Absence of residency requirements.

  • Limited Liability Companies face no stock limitations and can issue preferred interests analogous to preferred stock of corporations.

  • Redomiciliation of Foreign Entities as Nevis LLC's.

  • The ownership of a Limited Liability Company has no limitations.

  • Complete Tax Exemption and Freedom from Exchange Controls.

  • Application of Default Rules.

  • Absence of Return or Reporting Requirements.

Practical uses of Nevis Limited Liability Companies

  • International Finance and Investment

  • Real Estate Holding

  • Estate Planning

  • Asset Protection

  • Professional Practices

  • Joint Ventures

Copies of each of these statutes are available upon request by contacting Beaumont Corporation Limited.

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