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Nevis as an Offshore Center

Nevis has become one of the more atractive offshore centers. The government has given high priority to its development by enacting the most modern legislation in the area of trust international business activities and limited liability companies. Other features continue to contribute to Nevis being a premier jurisdiction.

  • A politically stable and independent government.

  • State of the art telecommunications systems.

  • Full tax exemption by statue.

  • Freedom from exchange controls and currency regulations.

  • Quick and efficient incorporation and liquidation process.

  • Fixed and competitive fees by Government.

  • Confidentiality guaranteed by Statute.

"If there is one haven country that has all the things you need for smooth offshore financial operations it's Nevis"

The island of Nevis was so named by Christopher Columbus in 1493 on his second voyage to the new world. The name Nevis is associated with Mount Nevis which is located in the centre of the island and rises to a height of 3,265 feet (985) meters. A mist usually covers the peak and this reminded the admiral of a snow peak in Spain, "Las Nievas" thus the name Nevis. In 1628 Anthony Hilton, an English settler in St. Kitts colonised Nevis from the mother colony. The island remained a colony of Britain until it became part of a sovereign state of St. Kitts and Nevis in September 1983.

Nevis is located 40 miles north-east of Antigua and 2 miles soth-east of St. Kitts. Its only airport is located in the north and 7 miles from the capital, Charlestown. Newcastle Airport has the capability to take 18 seater propeller driven aircraft, but is presently being upgraded to accommodate small executives jets, the 35 seater De Haviland Dash-8, the American Eagle, an affiliate of American Airlines, which operates out of Puerto Rico.

Nevis has a population of approximately 9000 people. High school education is free and available to all. English is the only spoken language and the literacy rate is 98%. Nevis is part of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis an independant Country. It has the power under the constitution to make its own laws to govern and regulate all business activities. It has its own legislature and its own executive arm led by the Premier, the head of the Government.

Nevis has a long history of parliamentary democracy based on the British system of government. There are two major political parties which are involved in managing the public affairs of the island.

Nevis has very little unemployment. The rate of crime is low; there are no serious drug related crimes and drug use is minimal. Tourism is the major economic activity on the island. Four Seasons, a major international hotel management chain operates a 196 Room Five Diamond Hotel with a Robert Trent Jones Junior 18 hole golf course, swimming-pools, tennis courts and is located on the major beach on the Caribbean coast line. There are eight smaller hotel facilities catering to a discriminating clientele from USA, Britain, Canada and Europe. The beaches, the sand, the friendly people, the clean air and the island's rich past combine to make Nevis a premiere destination in the Caribbean.

Nevis provides a state of the art telecommunications system. Cable and Wireless operates a fiber optic digital system with direct capability to any part of the world. The electricity supply is consistent and health standards are internationally acceptable. Without a doubt Nevis is a great place to spend a holiday and do business.

Beaumont Corporation invites you to visit Nevis and its office to learn more about the true Caribbean and the nature of the services we offer.

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